Signs Placed on Everitt Memorial Hwy Yesterday

Kudos to our steadfast trail crew for braving the cold and snow to install signs on EMH! The morning started out crisp and clear but slowly became stormy. A determined group stood in the road for several hours to divert traffic while the rest of us focused on driving posts and attaching signs.

Many thanks to Chris Marrone, who purchased and retrieved a post driver, fabricated an extension (many hours of work), and spent the whole day loading and unloading equipment and driving steel posts, all to save MSTA money. And thanks to Emma Wilcox, Barbara Paulson, Steve Eddy, Neil Posson, Mark Derby, Steve Larson, Mark Telegin, Jim Wrona, Tony Mills, John Thomson, Rick Cory, and Mike Hupp for dividing up the work.

You can see what happens when you try to drive steel signposts into rocks!