Installing Gateway Signs on Road 31 this Wed, May 22 at 0830

Chris Marrone has informed me that he and his Bobcat are available to install steel signposts on Road 31 (AKA Old McCloud Rd.) this Wed, May 22. We’re going to meet at 8:30 am just below the RR tracks on Road 31. We don’t need 25 helpers, but could use about a half dozen folks to: handle the steel posts, one person to watch for approaching cars (we don’t need a formal traffic control group like last time on Everitt Mem Hwy), and install the hardware and signs. Others, like Jim Wrona, can take photos and taunt us.

This approach will save us hours of backbreaking digging of holes. We’ll probably be there a couple hours, so volunteers can come in staggered groups if more convenient (e.g. 9 am, 10, 11). Thanks!!

This is Jim Wrona helping on a work day last fall