On Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 10:30 am, we’ll be tackling the cleanup of a large abandoned encampment near Ray’s Food Place. Let’s meet on the street in front of the Treehouse Motel, just west of the Ray’s parking lot. We’ll depend on Todd and Perry to guide us to the spot. I’ll have garbage bags, rakes, brooms, and shovels, along with a pickup truck. Bring gloves and a pickup truck if you have one.



Mossbrae Falls, located in Dunsmuir, California, is one of the most beautiful natural features in the northern part of the state. Spanning about 300 feet, the falls seem to gush straight out of a lush, green hillside, providing a spectacular, cascading display for visitors. The sight is so special that people travel long distances to see it, coming from all over the world.

Unfortunately, the only way to access the falls is by trespassing along an active railway, and visitors must walk within a few feet of passing trains. Several years ago, a sightseer was struck by a train and severely injured.
The Mount Shasta Trail Association has been working for nearly 20 years to establish a safer path to Mossbrae Falls, without success. In the past 18 months, however, significant progress has been made. The current plan involves locating an official trailhead at Hedge Creek Falls, then constructing a pedestrian suspension bridge across the Sacramento River where the Hedge Creek Trail ends. The trail would continue north through a forested area below the train tracks and along the river, ending at Mossbrae Falls. The final trail would encompass both falls within about a half mile.
This is an exciting development, but it will be very expensive to complete the environmental reviews and actual construction.
The Trail Association has received a large gift to cover some of the costs, and is seeking grants to cover the remainder. In the meantime, we’re fundraising to show grassroots support for this wonderful project.
Please consider donating to the Mount Shasta Trail Association on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018. The online event may be accessed using
Stay tuned for more detailed information on this plan.


After considerable effort walking the entire Gateway Trail system to obtain accurate GPS data, a new map was created and placed on the trailhead kiosk on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018. It includes the new Lollipop Trail, the correct alignment for Pig Farm, the Foundation Trail, removal of “Fern Loop,” naming of major intersections, and accurate mileage measurements between all these locations. Several “you are here” signs will soon be placed at strategic locations within the trail system . Pictured is Paul Schwartz, who has been instrumental in getting this project done properly.


Yesterday morning a motivated group attacked the “Triangle” at the north end of town, weeding, raking, trimming, and spreading cedar bark. Thanks to Nancy and Peter Van Susteren, Neil Jacobs, Karen Aldous, Neal Posson, Lynn Linebarger, and Terez Maniatis of Native Grounds Nursery (who provided tools, cedar bark, and muscle, despite still being somewhat gimpy). This was a fun, combined effort by MSTA and the MS Beautification Committee. Attached photos are before, during, and after. By the way, in the “after” picture, you can barely see Peter removing the last two scotch broom plants.
Clean Up


We will be partnering with the MS Beautification Committee to trim, weed, and spruce up the median strip on Lake St. (Sat., Sept. 8 at 9 am) and the “Triangle” on N. MS Blvd., across from Point S Tire Co. (Sat., Sept. 22 at 9 am).

These are two highly visible areas that appear to most of our out-of-town visitors immediately on their arrival, so these efforts are important.

I will be out of town for Sept. 8, but there should be a good crew for that day. Hope some of you can show up for one or both mornings.

We expect that the work can be done in 1-2 hours if enough volunteers show.


Trail Job at St. Barnabas Church

We’re going to have a few “work mornings” coming up to accomplish some trail maintenance while staying out of the heat.

On Tuesday morning, July 17, at 7:30, a few of us will meet in the St. Barnabas Church parking lot (Lassen Ave. west of the freeway and just west of Doctor’s Park) to trim out their trail.  We will mostly need weed whackers and a very few loppers/hand trimmers.

I have the MSTA push weed trimmer and two hand weed whackers, and Mark Telegin has a weed whacker, so if you can help for an hour, we’ll hand you a tool.

We aim to be done by 9:30 or 10.

Hope to see you.


PS: If you have one of those little nets that go over your head, you might bring it because this morning when we scouted the job, there were some of those little black flies that buzz around your face.  You can get one of those nets at Solano’s for $3.



Last year, Glenn Harvey bought a used string trimmer for the MS Trail Association to help with big weed-eating jobs on the trails.
Unfortunately, the engine died recently.  Decisions had to be made whether to fix it or buy a new one.
Fortunately, Tim Cabitto of Cabitto’s Small Engine Repair said the machine was  a good one, and that a new engine would allow us to use the trimmer for years to come.  He also donated his labor to diagnose, order parts, and replace the engine.  It now works like a charm.
Thanks again, Tim.



Thirty-nine volunteers (perhaps more) showed up from MSTA, Clean and Safe MS, and the Weed Elementary Gear Up Summer Program to clean up Old Stage Road, Abrams Lake Road, and Spring Hill Road today.  The kids worked their tails off on a rather warm morning, including dragging some heavy tires and other trash up a steep embankment.  Oh, yeah, the adults worked hard, too.

Four pickup truck loads were taken to the dump.

Thanks to everyone who helped, and to Glenn Harvey for organizing.  And Mark Telegin is back from injured reserve (along with Glenn) and he started hours before anyone else to clean up a long section of Old Stage Rd. himself.



Yes, on Monday, June 25, at 9:30 am, we’re meeting at the Fish Hatchery in Mt. Shasta (intersection of Lake St. and N. Old Stage Rd.) to organize a cleanup of N. Old Stage Rd., Abrams Lake Rd., and Spring Hill Rd.

Clean and Safe Mt. Shasta and the Mt. Shasta Trail Association will be joined by around 20 students and advisors from the Weed Elementary Gear Up Summer Program to spruce up our streets.

Let’s see if we can match that large group with at least 20 people from our two organizations.  It would be exciting to see about 40 people come out for this event.

The time had been posted as 10 am, but we’ve changed it to 9:30 to beat the heat.

Bring gloves, water, hats, and a snack.  We’ll provide trash bags and some trash pickup sticks.






On Saturday morning, a group of 20 Boy Scouts and their leaders got together with five MSTA volunteers to give the Spring Hill Trailhead a facelift.  The weeds were about five feet high, but were cut down with weed whackers, brush mowers, string trimmers, and hand-pulling (in tight spots).  Blackberry bushes were cut back and a pile of illegally discarded yard debris was removed and taken to the dump.  Attached photos show the progression from high weeds to a nice, neat finish.

Thanks to Dave Affleck (one of the Boy Scout leaders) for organizing the morning, and for providing water and lunch.  Thanks to Mike Solano for free loan of the brush mower from Solano’s Rental Center.