Thanks, Mike Solano!

Last week, when we got together with the Boy Scouts to clean up the Spring Hill Trailhead, I forgot to thank Mike Solano (Weed Rental Center) for loaning us the brush mower at no charge!  We couldn’t have knocked down the four-foot weeds without it. Thanks, Mike, for supporting our efforts to create and maintain our local trails.



Mark Telegin has been working on two bridges for the Box Canyon Trail since last summer (donating logs, getting logs milled, engineering details of the bridges, and manufacturing all the parts).  The first bridge was put in about 10 days ago.  Over the past few days, he and Steve Russell built the second bridge in his garage and then took it apart.  Today, we hauled everything to the second creek crossing and built the whole thing.  I think it came out great.
If you haven’t hiked this trail, you should.  It’s easy, short, shaded, cool, and quiet, except for the rushing of the adjacent Sacramento River.  Park just north of the dam at Lake Siskiyou, and take the trail on the northeast side of the dam toward the east, along the south side of the golf course.

Spring Hill Trailhead Cleanup

This morning, 12 eager boy scouts, 3 scout leaders, and 5 MSTA volunteers used brush mowers, weed-whackers, wheel barrows, and elbow grease to remove 4-foot-tall weeds and slash from the Spring Hill Trailhead area.  The approach to the trail is now more appealing to the many hikers who use the trail. 

Work day in the MS City Park

Yesterday, Saturday, May 20th, a big group of volunteers from Wholesale Solar, Clean and Safe Mt. Shasta, and the Mt. Shasta Trail Association met at the City Park to spread chips on trails at the north end of the park.  A convoy of wheelbarrows and carts moved chips for several hours and got the job done!  Many thanks to the group of 21 workers (including some eager kids) who enthusiastically attacked the project.  And thanks to Allie Coleman of Wholesale Solar for providing lunch.

Spreading chips
The whole gang!


Future tractor drivers and MSTA members

Don’t Forget The Mount Shasta Trail Association on Giving Tuesday!


  1. For people of all ages to enjoy nature’s beauty.
  2. To encourage healthy outdoor activity.
  3. For the excitement of hiking and biking.
  4. To promote tourism for the benefit of our local businesses.

Please support the Mount Shasta Trail Association on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016.

Go to between 6 am and 6 pm on Nov. 29th and look for the MSTA.



Picnic in the Park, September 10th

PicnicParkPoster2EMAIL-WEBJoin us on Saturday, Sept. 10th, 2016 to celebrate changes to the Mount Shasta City Park.  Fuels reduction, new trails, and connections south to Kingston Road highlight a more family-friendly park.

There will be games, kids’ activities, hikes, food, beer, wine, and music courtesy of The Sundown Poachers.  Admission is free thanks to Wholesale Solar.  Sponsored by MS Recreation and Parks District, MS Trail Association, and Siskiyou Land Trust.

The fun begins at 2 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m.  See attached flyer.

Kids’ Bike Skills Park At Shastice Park Completed

20160707ShasticeBikeParkTomRavizzaTractor20160707ShasticeBikeParkTomandJohn20160707ShasticeBikeParkTomandMark20160707ShasticeBikeParkfinalVolunteers from the MSTA spread chips to complete the bike skills park at Shastice Park today.  Many thanks to Tom Morris, John Kelly, and Mark Foster for their raking skills.  Tom Ravizza saved us about 12 hours of work by showing up with his tractor and moving many bucket-loads of chips.  We hope the kids can use the area now without kicking up so much dust.

Need Volunteers Tomorrow!

20160629ShasticeBikeParkchipsworkdayLast week, we began spreading chips at the kids’ bike skills park at Shastice Park.  This is being done to reduce the dustiness around the bike skills features.  Tomorrow morning (Thursday, July 7th) we will have a short work day to spread the remainder of the chips.  It will be easy raking because Tom Ravizza will be there with his tractor to scoop up the chips and deposit them where they need to go.  We start at 9 a.m. and hope to see a few volunteers.

Work day at the Spring Hill trailhead

2016Jun26SpringHillscoutsworking 2016Jun26SpringHilltrafficcirclework 2016Jun26SpringHillgroupstonemarker 2016Jun26SpringHillfinalThe Mt. Shasta Trail Association believes in developing partnerships in our community.

After noticing that the trailhead at Spring Hill was overgrown, Jill Harris of Crystal Geyser contacted Dave Affleck, who organizes the Boy Scouts.  MSTA was called for reinforcements.

This morning, about 14 boy scouts and adults gathered at the trailhead at 8 a.m. to clear four-foot tall weeds, brush, trees, logs, and slash.  The traffic circle was also addressed.  It was a vortex of activity, and we were done by 12:30.  Thanks to all who participated.  See the attached photos, and drop by the trailhead to check it out in person.