Thank You, Glenn Harvey!

Mount Shasta Trail Association Board Member Glenn Harvey and his wife Kathy Morter are moving to Pocatello, Idaho, to be closer to family. We will miss them both greatly!

Glenn and Kathy — community leaders

In 2012, Glenn Harvey and his wife Kathy Morter moved to Mt. Shasta from Pocatello, Idaho, where Glenn worked as a chemical engineer for a semiconductor company.  They transferred their Rotary membership to the Mt. Shasta Club, and after a year of remodeling their townhouse on Kingston Road near City Park, Glenn became active with the Mount Shasta Trail Association (MSTA) and Siskiyou Land Trust (SLT).  Joe Wirth invited Glenn to join the Greenway Consortium in 2016, a group created to extend a trail system from Spring Hill/City Park to downtown and eventually to Lake Siskiyou.  Rotary helped purchase and transfer land near their townhouse to the SLT, allowing additional trails to be built connecting City Park to Kingston Road.  Rotary also helped fund the raised boardwalks in the trail system.  In addition to working on the City Park trail system, Glenn and Mark Telegin volunteered at Castle Crags State Park maintaining trails and campgrounds as part of MSTA’s partnership with the State Park.  All of this volunteer work made Glenn a natural choice for addition to the MSTA Board of Directors in 2017.

While doing trail maintenance for MSTA, volunteers constantly encountered abandoned campsites, prompting creation of “Clean and Safe Mt. Shasta”, an effort involving the Forest Service, the Gateway Neighborhood Association, MSTA, and local law enforcement.  The Clean and Safe team continues today and has removed tons of trash every year form the Mt. Shasta area.  In 2018, Rotary obtained a $9K grant to build a community garden for the SLT, which was installed by volunteers under Glenn’s coordination.  As a Board member, Glenn also represented MSTA with the City’s 2021-22 Walk Bike Ride Mt. Shasta Mobility Plan, a transportation study that is part of the 2045 General Plan project.


That’s Not A Trucker Hat!

Debbie Derby is retiring from the Mount Shasta Trail Association Board after 13 years of service, and boy will we miss her! Debbie was part of the formation of MSTA. In 1989, founder and then-president Tom Hesseldenz asked Debbie to attend meetings as a Forest Service representative because she was interested in the around-the-mountain trail. In 2010 District Ranger Priscila Franco asked Debbie to become involved as a board member. Debbie gladly became part of the MSTA team.

During her tenure on the board, she wore many hats, her favorite being the trucker hat! Debbie became secretary of the board in 2011 with coaching from lawyer and board member Barry Price. She turned out to be the best and most exacting secretary ever.

Over the years, she established a framework to chronicle MSTA’s many directions, ideas and projects. In addition, she helped in many other ways: she completed environmental studies for several trails, was a team captain for the Giving Tuesday fundraiser, contributed creative ideas and– probably many peoples’ favorite– brought treats to the trail crews. Debbie will be greatly missed, but her influence will continue to live on.