Hike to Ney Springs and Faery Falls on Saturday, April 17th

The Mt. Shasta Trail Association invites its members and the public to join in a two-mile round trip easy hike on Saturday, April 17th, to the historic Ney Springs resort site and the spectacular Faery Falls.

Ney Springs was discovered by John Ney in 1887. It became a destination health resort based on the mineral springs there. The water has a pH of 11.6 and a silica content of 4,000 parts per million, the highest values known to occur in natural ground waters. The resort consisted of a hotel that housed 50 guests, a bath house, and boardwalks that meandered through the wooded forest. There was also a carriage house, a barn and several piped spring enclosures. All that can be found there now is some masonry foundations and a small trickling stream under the tall pines. It’s a wonderful stretch of one’s imagination to envision a lively resort at this now tranquil site.

A short walk upstream from the resort ruins leads to nearby Faery Falls, where Ney Springs Creek crashes nearly 60 ft (18 m) down a granite cliff face, forming a clear pool at the bottom. It could be the tallest waterfall in Siskiyou County, and at this time of the year it will be running with a roar, so this will be a great photo op.

Participants will meet at the fish hatchery parking lot at 10 am to form carpools. Everyone should dress warmly in layers, pack a lunch and drinks, and expect to be back to the fish hatchery parking lot by 3 pm. There is no charge for participation in this event, and it is suitable for children. Please call trip leader Joan Roemer (926-0647) for more information.

Maintenance on Mount Shasta Area Trails

The Mount Shasta Trail Association will soon be asking MSTA members and friends to help us clean up our local hiking trails.

As everyone who lives in the Mount Shasta area knows, we got thumped in early January by a major storm that took down hundreds of trees and brought down thousands of tree limbs throughout the area, including on top of many hiking paths.

Stay tuned to this blog, your e-mail inbox (if you are on the Mount Shasta Trail Association list), and the local paper for the dates, times, and places of trail maintenance. Subscribe to this blog by putting your e-mail address into the appropriate box in the right-hand column and hitting enter.

You don’t need special skills to help with trail maintenance, just a love of hiking and the willingness to sweat a bit.