There is continued monumental interest in Mossbrae Falls, as evidenced by a recent report of more than 800 people walking down the RR tracks to the falls on a single weekend. Efforts by locals and visitors to escape the confines of their homes in Covid-19 times have increased this activity.

The Mount Shasta Trail Association, in concert with the City of Dunsmuir and Union Pacific Railroad, is pleased to announce early progress on a safe, scenic route to the falls. This proposed trail will start at the Hedge Creek Falls Trailhead, pass by Hedge Creek Falls down to the Sacramento River, where a pedestrian bridge will cross the river to the west side. The trail will continue along the river below the RR tracks to the falls.

The City of Dunsmuir has signed a preliminary engineering agreement with Union Pacific Railroad to explore the complex issues surrounding this proposed trail. In the words of a UP official, “…the agreement allows the stakeholders to progress design plans through UP’s formal engineering process, allowing the parties to take a step toward the final decision on the feasibility of constructing the trail without negatively impacting UP operations or the stability of the site.”

We are still a long way from having this trail become a reality, but these are very encouraging developments. If successful, the project will cost approximately $1 million. For all those who visit this spectacular site or support the concept of a safe trail, please consider a donation to the Mount Shasta Trail Association at