Thirty-one brave souls met at 9 am today, listened patiently to a boring job hazard analysis, and drove the long, ugly rock road (it’s not really gravel) up to the Sisson Callahan Trail where the USFS recently rerouted the trail. All participants worked their a**** off for about three hours in light rain, fine tuning the tread and improving drainage. New friends were made. There were about a dozen less-than-20-year-olds who worked like rented mules (kudos, parents, you’ve done something special). It was a fantastic morning. Many thanks to all who donated their Saturday to this popular trail. Special shoutout to Ed Almeter, who drove up from Chico to help!

By the way, we got so much done that we’re cancelling tomorrow’s (Sunday’s) work day.

Alyssa directs the troops
The next generation of trail stewards gettin’ after it.
Rain, dirt, mud? It’s all good. And who needs long pants?