Meet Mark Telegin.  Meet Mount Shasta City Park’s two newest bridges!  For years, Mark has wanted to complete this bridge over a low spot in “Big Springs Meadow” in Mt. Shasta’s City Park.  This winter drainage is on the northwest end of the park, right next to an old apple tree, along part of the beautiful park trail system maintained by volunteers from the Mount Shasta Trail Association.  The bridge not only improves the hiking experience for visitors to the park, but is built to handle the weight of tractors used for maintenance in the area. 

The second, smaller bridge, was built by Glenn Harvey, and is next to the maintenance shed in the lower area of the main part of the park.  This bridge provides maintenance access to the southern parts of the park.

Materials for the bridges were provided by a combination of private donations (by unnamed individuals such as Mark T******) and a District Grant provided by the Rotary Club of Mount Shasta.

Stop by City Park this fall to enjoy the always improving trail system!  City Park staff have also recently restricted parking near Big Springs, referred to as the Headwaters.  This helped relieve some of the parking congestion in the area nearest the springs.  Hope to see you there!