Daffodils for MSTA!

Early this afternoon, I got a call from Eva Moll at Mercy Hospice. They have leftover daffodils from their fundraiser that are starting to sprout. She asked if MSTA wanted some to plant at the Gateway Trailhead and I said, “Sure!”

Well, I picked them up and found that there are about 1000 of them. Yes, 1000. So I think we should plant some at Spring Hill and some at the Gateway Trailhead.

If you want to help, meet me at the Spring Hill Trail parking lot at 1:30 on Saturday, Feb. 27. We can put 8 or 10 in each hole we dig so we’ll get a big show of color. If we have 6-10 volunteers, we’ll split into two groups, with the second group going to Gateway. Shouldn’t take long and it’ll be fun. Who doesn’t like planting flowers? Well, maybe there’s someone.