Financial Outlook for 2021

Last year was a very strong year for the Mount Shasta Trail Association, with a gain over the year in our unrestricted funds balance, even with many substantial projects undertaken.  Restricted funds delegated to specific projects also increased.  Significant advances were made on the Gateway Trail Reroute, the extension of the Gateway Trail, the Mossbrae Falls Trail, and the reroute of the Heart Lake Trail.  Contributions from individuals and businesses totaled more than $63,000, and grants and dedicated funds yielded another $215,000.  Out of pocket we spent on programs $231,000, and only $21,000 on administration.

For next year our project expenses will increase substantially as we ramp up the expansion of the Gateway Trail network.  Mossbrae Falls alone may require more than all of last year’s program expenses.  Grant awards we have received will allow us to accomplish so much!  Our special thanks to the McConnell Foundation, the Friesen Foundation, the Kyle Neath Charitable Fund, the Nancy Driscoll Foundation, the National Forest Foundation, not to mention the State of California, Natural Resources  Prop 68 Grant for $1,115,000 for Gateway.

Of course, with your ongoing support the sky’s the limit, or least 14,692’, or 14,179’, or 4,321.8m, or 4317m.  Well, you get the idea—we’re going places.  Come along!

Trail lovers strategizing 2021 projects.