Trail Challenge Begins May 1st

The Mount Shasta Trail Challenge begins today, May 1st. You can download your passport here.

While out there on the trails you can make a difference by contributing to and learning about our area.

In addition to the Trail Challenge, the MSTA will begin Stewardship drawings. This is our way to thank and acknowledge all our volunteers. Each time a stewardship activity is completed and reported, the Steward’s name will be added to our ongoing Stewardship drawings. The first drawing will be on May 14th and is sponsored by the Trail Association.

Examples of Stewardship Activities include:

1. Volunteer for a work day.

2. Remove litter.

3. Notice and describe new trail work.

4. Become an ambassador to our area by reading interpretive signage and sharing your knowledge with others.

5. Offer your special skill to MSTA, such as sharing your photos, helping with fundraisers, technology, grant writing etc.

6. Understand and share historical uses and impacts, both positive and negative.

7.Identify geologic features.

8. Identify native plants.