Trail Challenge 2021

THE 2021



May 1 to October 31


for participating in the 2021

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Mount Shasta Trail Challenge!

Our goal is to provide inspiring outdoor experiences, advance appreciation of the beauty of the Mount Shasta area, and to assist in educating the public in environmentally sound stewardship.

The 2021 challenge kicks off on May 1. Click on the banner button above to download the Passport.

For information about local restaurants, activities, and lodging, visit the Discover Siskiyou website at

Whether you are a hiker, biker or runner there is a truly special experience waiting for you in Siskiyou.


May 1, 2021 – October 31, 2021


You can DOWNLOAD one right now and print it out at home.


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DM us when you’ve completed the passport to claim your prize!

Otherwise click on Contact, and fill out the “Send Us An Email” boxes listing the trails you completed. Or, send an email to with the same.


Be one of the first 90 participants to complete at least six of the hikes and take part in two or more stewardship activities listed on page two of this passport before October 31, 2021, and win a Super Sparrow water bottle. Turn in your completed passport at the visitors center in Mount Shasta to claim your prize!


New this year: You can also win a cash gift certificate! When you complete a stewardship activity and email us a description of your stewardship task, your name will be added to our monthly stewardship drawings.

After each completion, your name will be added to our monthly stewardship drawings. Stewardship activities include: describe evidence of wildlife, notice new trail work, identify plants, understand the historical significance of an area and the impact of use, read signage, discover geological features, remove litter, sign up for a work day, or offer your special skills to MSTA.


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In some cases, you will notice that the name of the linked to trail is different than the name on the Trail Challenge Passport, but the link takes you to the right place.  Also, miles listed are round trip or for a loop. Please use your discretion and choose the most appropriate trail for your fitness level.  Have fun!

Flume Trail
Hike • Up to 5.6 miles • Easy to Moderate• No Dogs

Heart Lake
Hike • 2 miles • Moderate

Horsecamp via Sand Flat
Hike • 5-1/2 miles • Moderate • No Dogs

Gateway Trail
Hike & Bike • 1 – 10 miles • Easy – Moderate

Lake Siskiyou Loop
Hike & Bike • 7 miles • Easy

Delta Bridges Were Installed May 18: Enjoy the full loop without wading!

Deadfall Lakes & Mt. Eddy
Hike • 5.6 to 10.4 miles • Easy, Moderate or Strenuous

McCloud River Falls
Hike • 4 miles • Easy to Moderate

Greenhorn Park
Hike or Bike • 3-3/4 miles or more• Easy to Moderate

Sisson-Callahan Trail
Segment 1: Hike or Bike • 6-1/2 miles • Moderate

Mount Shasta City Park
Hike • 1 mile • Easy

Trail Type Trail Trailhead LC (RT) DifficultySuggested Stewardship ActivityDate Completed
page2image43955408page2image43955824Flume TrailCastle Crags State Park   5.6 miles Easy to ModerateHistoric site, observe wildlife
page2image43956448Castle Lake to Heart LakeMt. Shasta 2.2miles ModerateNotice new reroute, read signage
page2image43956864page2image43957072Horse Camp via Sand Flat Mt. Shasta 3.2 miles Moderate Historic site, identify plants
page2image43817472page2image43817888Gateway Mt. Shasta 6.85 miles Moderate Trail work, notice reroute
page2image43821424page2image43822256Lake Siskiyou Loop Lake Siskiyou Resort 7 miles ModerateRead Signage, observe wildlife
page2image43822464page2image43822672Deadfall /
Mt. Eddy 
Mt. Shasta 10 miles Moderate to Difficult Identify plants, observe Wildlife
page2image43817680McCloud River FallsMcCloud 3.5miles Moderate Historic Site, name geologic feature
page2image43818096page2image43817888Greenhorn ParkYreka3.5 miles Moderate Historic Site, observe wildlife
page2image43817680page2image43817888Sisson CallahanLower Sisson-Callahan TH7 milesModerate to DifficultNotice new rebuild, observe wildlife 
page2image43821840City ParkMount Shasta2 milesEasyName geologic feature