Two Trail Work Days Next Week

People have been asking, asking, asking, “When are we gonna start working on the trails?” Well, this is your answer!

On Monday, May 1, we’ll meet at the Gateway Trailhead on Everitt Memorial Hwy (1/2 mile north of MS High School) at 9 am. We’ll likely enter through the green gate, drive up the access road in a few vehicles, split up into a couple small groups, and attempt to remove all the fallen trees that are obstructing trails in Gateway I. This will be somewhat strenuous work, especially if you’re toting a chainsaw, but more of a walk/hike if you’re just gonna help scatter the branches and rounds. We’ll probably have some USFS personnel helping (yay, young strong people) so if this isn’t your jam, don’t worry about it. Chainsaw gang: we need you.

On Wednesday, May 3, we’ll meet again at the GW Trailhead at 9 am and walk a short distance up the GW Trail (or Lollipop) to work on the newest segment of the Foundation Link. Andrew Pellkofer of Trail Labs has most of this connector trail cut in and we just need to do light finish work (raking, removing small rocks, lopping of some roots, and small improvement of drainage features. This will be fairly easy work and I’m more interested in the social aspect of getting everyone together than doing hard work. Feel free to just hike and talk, heckle the group (yes, you, Ray), or suggest ridiculous ways to work that we won’t embrace. I’ll have the tool trailer, so you don’t need to bring anything except a sharp tongue (well, maybe a water bottle and snack). I even have gloves if you don’t have your own.

Hope to see you.

Chainsaw Crew
Chainsaw Crew