Spring Hill Trailhead Cleanup

Uncertain of who might show up in warm weather to help out, I arrived at the Spring Hill Trailhead yesterday morning a bit before 8:30 to find four volunteers waiting next to their vehicles impatiently tapping their feet, with their arms folded. Within a short time, there were 13 of us gathered. We got all the weed whackers going, with a “swamper” to rake the cut weeds for each operator. Thanks to Emma Wilcox, John Kelly, Neil Jacobs, Rick Cory, John Whitson, David Tucker, Ray Uhlig, as well as Emily, Brooks, and Heidi Andrus! Mike Cooper worked even though he is recovering from major back surgery. John Brennan showed with his big pickup to haul away abandoned car parts (a door, etc.) and many of the weeds. We were done thrashing the weeds and cleaning up in 90 minutes!