Mount Eddy — A Great Trail Challenge Hike

One of the most strenuous, and most beautiful, trails on the 2023 Trail Challenge is Mount Eddy via Deadfall Lakes.   The last snow blocking the trail is gone and the road is clear.  Around 10 miles and 2200’+ of climbing so maybe work your way up to this one.  Incredible 360 degree views from a great summit are worth the hard work.

This trail allows dogs as does every trail on this years challenge!!  Even Mt Shasta and Castle Crags have trails featured this year that allow dogs so if you hike with your dog, this is your year!   Feel free to post your dog hiking pictures here.

Note on some seasonal items.  The Deadfall Meadows trailhead is temporarily closed for some rehab so use the Parks Creek/PCT Trailhead.   It’s a little longer but less climbing!   Beware of bees on the summit and avoid them by staying away from clumps of flowers.

That water looks inviting!
Are we there yet?
Who cares about the view, we want treats!