Temporary Closure of New Trails

We have placed closure signs on barricades at the top of two newly completed trails (Deadwood and the Muir’s Ascension connector below McBride Springs) and another trail (Magma, which starts at Ten Gallon) that is only partially finished. Why? Because the soils are very dry and powdery and haven’t had the chance to compact. Therefore, riding these trails will destroy the beautiful work that Trail Labs has done to create the ups, the downs, the turns, and the berms. On other trails in the Gateway System that are suffering from erosion and degradation, we’re also asking riders to be gentle in the dips and turns because of our local soils that become moon dust in summertime. This means slowing down on your descents so you don’t have to lock up your back brake in the turn and pulverize the tread . Please help us make Gateway sustainable. Slow Down and Ride, Don’t Slide!