Scoping Letter and Map for Gateway Phase II

Attached is the scoping letter for the Gateway Phase II project.  You can refer to it for information to write letters of support, needed before Feb. 22.

Also attached is the map of the proposed trails.  Note that our wonderful Gateway I (which is used by many of us) is in yellow, while the proposed trails are in green, blue, and black, referring to the difficulty level.


John Harch

MSTA Gateway 2 Scoping Letter

MSTA Gateway 2 Map


Please consider attending a “scoping” meeting on Monday, January 29, 2018, at 5 pm, at the Mt. Shasta City Park Upper Lodge to support the Gateway Phase 2 Trail Project.  The meeting is meant to provide public input to the project.


Gateway Phase II is a massive increase and upgrade to the existing Gateway I Trail system that is currently enjoyed by many locals and out-of-towners.  The project is a product of combined efforts by the US Forest Service, the Mt. Shasta Trail Association, and the Mt. Shasta Mt. Bike Association to add more than 38 miles of trail to the existing 10.7 miles.  Fundraising efforts by MSTA, MSMBA, Mt. Wheelers, Shasta Peddlers, and many others, along with a very generous grant from the McConnell Foundation have made this possible (although more funding will be necessary in the future).


At the meeting, you will see a presentation of the details of the proposed project, and it will amaze you.

We cannot overstate the importance of this trail plan to Mt. Shasta and South Siskiyou County.

Please come out in numbers to show your support, even if you drop by for the first 30-60 minutes.


Thank you.


John Harch, MSTA